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Plumber Shelton

Do you constantly notice strange odors or sounds from your plumbing systems? Are you noticing inconsistent pressure in water flow, or do you notice that your water bills have risen sharply? These are signs of a faulty plumbing system. JP’s Plumbing & Heating offers reliable plumbing service in Shelton, CT and all nearby towns. Call us now at 203-921-1560 to schedule a local plumber in Shelton area.

If you have a faulty water heater, leaky pipes, and sewer system back up, you need to contact a licensed and insured local plumber in Shelton. A sudden drop in water pressure in your home should also signify a plumbing repair need. Please contact JP’s Plumbing & Heating for a 24-Hour plumbing service in Shelton for all Plumbing service issues.

Benefits of JP’s Plumbing & Heating Maintenance services

Lack of maintenance services on plumbing systems can cause dirty or clogged filters, leaking pipes, faulty thermostat in water heater, and faulty water fixtures. The more you delay maintenance services on the system, the more likely the system will malfunction and cause even more expensive repairs. This is one importance or benefits of hiring a certified and insured system technician.

Similarly, leaky plumbing pipes start to leak slowly, but most homeowners will disregard the warning. In some cases, extremely cold weather can cause freezing and expansion of pipes, which will eventually lead to leakages. You need to contact a certified and licensed plumber in Shelton if you notice signs of leakages in your home. The failure to get a local plumber to perform emergency plumbing service on leaky pipes will lead to a much bigger problem in the future.

Plumbing Service in Shelton, CT

Looking for a 24-Hour Plumbing Service in Shelton? JP’s Plumbing & Heating is Available

Do you own a commercial building and require a 24-Hour plumbing service in Shelton? Search no further for a plumber near me because JP’s Plumbing & Heating is closer to you than ever. Frozen pipes, sump pump installation, water heater replacements, jammed garbage disposal, and many other plumbing repair issues are handled efficiently by our professional emergency plumber. We do offer a well-equipped Shelton plumber who is trained to handle modern plumbing tools. If you are looking to clean your sewer line, for instance, our professional Shelton plumber can rely on a hydro-jet cleaner to achieve a thoroughly cleaned drain system.

Part of our plumbing service is to inspect your entire plumbing system and identify areas that require urgent attention.

Consider the little costs of maintenance plumbing service to the higher costs of repairs and you will see the reason why it is more economical to perform maintenance services on plumbing system than repairing and replacing damaged parts. At JP’s Plumbing & Heating, our plumber is reliable and professional in every way. We do encourage you to contact us at JP’s Plumbing & Heating and we will restore your plumbing systems effectively.

Shelton, CT
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Overall Experience: 5 / 5

Great service, had a leaking pipe on my baseboard and they came and fixed my issue right away. Very friendly staff and professional. I have no problem recommending them.

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