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As a commercial or residential property owner, common plumbing issues such as slow drains and dripping fixtures can constitute nuisances, hence you must get rid of them by hiring a certified and insured plumber in Milford. You can find a certified and insured plumber in Milford with a strong track record of providing the utmost professional plumbing repair services at JP’s Plumbing & Heating. Call us now at 203-921-1560 to schedule residential or commercial plumbing repair services in Milford, CT and all surrounding areas.

As the number one plumbingcontractor in Milford, we rely on the decades of technical knowledge of licensed emergency plumber to handle all minor and major plumbing issues and get the job done right. We do conduct a thorough inspection of a plumbing repair issue before we carry out the necessary services. we also conduct a series of test, on completion of a plumbing service to ensure that the problem is wholly rectified.

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Is your home experiencing slow drain or dripping plumbing fixtures? You don’t need to search for a plumber near me for these issues, JP’s Plumbing & Heating will handle the issue efficiently. Dripping faucets can shoot up your expenses on utilities significantly, but you need the help of a local emergency plumber and the right tools to repair or replace such dripping fixtures. Leaving issues like dripping fixtures unattended to by a local Milford plumber also means you will lose thousands of gallons of water within a few weeks.

Just like dripping fixtures, slow draining can cause a serious problem to your commercial and residential activities. When water backs up into your property, it can slow down your commercial services or cause significant health issue in your home. Do not apply chemical substances or vinegar and baking soda to clear your clogged drains, please contact a local Milford Plumber for 24-Hour plumbing service in Milford.

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In addition to handling all kinds of plumbing issues, JP’s Plumbing & Heating is also a specialist in handling issues relating to excess water loss in homes. A dysfunctional system will cause a sharp increase in your water bills. At JP’s Plumbing & Heating, we have the right modern tools and a technically sound plumber who is familiar with all issues that can cause your plumbing system to work below optimal levels. Handling system repairs is one of the major 24-Hour plumbing services in Milford that we render constantly.

Our regular clients can attest to the fact that we offer an unrivaled plumbing service all over Milford. You can schedule a plumber for the same day or next day work. Since plumbing issues can escalate quickly we do recommend that you contact our plumber when you notice minor plumbing problems such as leakages and slow drains.

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